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Swirl is a powerful solution for identifying and using information. Swirl was launched in 2022 and operates under the Apache 2.0 license.

At Swirl, we follow an iterative approach to software development, adhering to the principles of agile methodology. We believe in delivering high-quality releases through each stage of our development lifecycle.

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Our vision is to drive widespread adoption of Swirl to empower knowledge workers to systematically find and monitor critical information – irrespective of where the information resides.


We are Swirl

Sid Probstein

Founder & President

Swirl was established in 2023 by Sid Probstein, who has been curious about search for more than two decades. Clutch, Veruca Salt, Big Lazy

Adam Haight


Adam has been working with structured and unstructured information for more than two decades. Rush, Bee Gees, Stone Temple Pilots

Dave Nicodemus


Former engineering and architecture lead at Attivio, Ab Initio, Keeeb, and Dele Health.

Jason Temple

Development Operations

Former Dev/Ops leader at Keeeb, Sonos, and Genesys.

Erik Spears


Former support leader and program manager at Keeeb and Dele Health.

Ryan Elsma


Former QA lead at Dele Health, NuArx and Lab Corp.