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    Swirl Metasearch Features

    Check out this short video in which Sid Probstein, creator of Swirl Metasearch, explains the main features of Swirl. This video goes by very quickly. Sid takes time to highlight a couple of key points: Here are a few things Sid left out: For more information, check out the Swirl User Guide. Search Developers, Data Engineers…

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  • Introducing: Swirl Metasearch 2.0

    We are delighted to announce the general availability of Swirl Metasearch 2.0! This major leap forward in functionality makes it easier than ever to solve cross-silo Enterprise Search problems quickly and securely — without extracting or moving any data. Swirl Metasearch 2.0 features enterprise-grade OAUTH2 support plus pre-configured connectors to Microsoft 365 Outlook, OneDrive, Teams and…

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  • Why I Created Swirl Metasearch

    I’ve been fortunate to work in search a few times now. And I believe it continues to be the most human way of interacting with data. But search changes constantly; Brin and Page were chasing the Star Trek computer; they ended up with an ad engine. Search is tricky, and not just because of the…

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